GearWrench 82220 29” Extendable Indexing Pry Bar

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• Expandable and adjustable to reach areas inaccessible to a fixed head tool for improved access
• Head rotates 180° through 14 locking positions for unparalleled access and leverage
• Compact design allows for work in tight spaces
• Designed for demolition, repositioning equipment, industrial work, aligning steel components, or moving engines
• Grooved head profile grips and holds securely, even in tight confines and at the fullest extension
• Exceeds ASME and ANSI requirements for proven strength, making it the perfect tool for heavy-duty automotive or industrial work

• ASME Specification: Meets or Exceeds
• Blade Length: 5.5 in
• Contracted Length: 21 in
• Extendable Length: Yes
• Extended Length: 33.5 in
• Finish: Black Phosphate
• Handle Material: Alloy Steel
• Material: Alloy Steel
• Number of Positions: 14
• Range of Pivot (degrees): 180 °
• Tip Finish: Black Phosphate
• Tip Width: 0.812 in

For fast-moving jobsites or heavy-duty work, only an adjustable pry bar can handle the broad range of challenges professionals face. The GEARWRENCH Expandable Indexing Pry Bars have a rotating head with built-in grooves to grip in any environment and can extend to reach areas inaccessible to shorter tools.

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